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DUI Prevention

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DUI Prevention
Steps you can take in preventing more impaired driving fatalities.

Here are some steps you can take in preventing more impaired driving fatalities:

Be calm, but firm. Let the impaired person know it is not OK to drive, and that you won't allow it.

Be a designated driver.

Take keys away from intoxicated people.

Make arrangements to spend the night where you are.

Arrange for taxis or safe rides if you are having a party.

Offer non-alcoholic beverage alternatives.

Participate in safe ride and designated driver programs (which are alternative methods of transportation that provide people who have consumed alcohol with safe rides home), either by being a sober driver or by calling one.


How can you tell if someone is too drunk to drive?
Ideally, no one should drive after consuming even a small amount of alcohol. But in some cases, a person is clearly impaired and has no business getting behind the wheel.

What to look out for:
   Loss of coordination
   Use of loud or profane language
   Frequent trips to the restroom
   Slow reflexes and reaction time

Though it is often difficult and awkward to reason with someone who has been drinking, the alternative -- the loss of a friend or loved one -- is much worse.

This information is provided by the Ad Council. For more information on impaired drivers visit them on the Web at www.Ad council.org.  Also, visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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